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The Possibility of Colour

a new play by Pete Carruthers

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'For many, the Implant is an irresistible guarantee of eternal happiness; a life without suffering.
For others though, it’s a terrifying instrument of control, stripping them of what it means to be human, and increasingly forced upon a growing number of 'compulsory recipients'.
Designed by the AI-controlled 'Vigil' Corporation, The Implant is a new miracle device that
promises to cure all mental illness.
Will Joseph, his sister Aisling, or his best friend Helen, be able to decide which of them, if any,
should have the Implant?
And with the ever-looming presence of Vigil, do they even have a choice?

Who is ‘normal’?
Who gets to decide?'

The Possibility of Colour is an exciting new play written by Pete Carruthers, with input 
at every stage from mental health professionals, academics, student practitioners, and people with lived experience of the themes explored in the piece.
The play explores themes around mental health, voice hearing, synaesthesia, neurodiversity,
forced treatment, the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare
 and much much more.

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Upcoming events: Performances
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Tour dates and tickets

Tour Dates & Tickets
See below for full details of tour dates and links to buy tickets.

The New Adelphi Theatre - University of Salford

Thu 17th Nov:       2pm (sold out
Thu 17th Nov:       7pm 
Fri 18th Nov:          2pm (sold out)
Fri 18th Nov:          7pm
Click here to book tickets for performances at The New Adelphi Theatre, Salford
The Media Factory – University of Central Lancashire, Preston

Wed 23rd Nov:     7pm (sold out)
Thu 24th Nov:       2pm
Thu 24th Nov:       7pm 

Fri 25th Nov:          2pm (sold out)
Click here to book tickets for performances at The Media Factory, UCLan, Preston

The Arts Centre - Edge Hill University, Ormskirk
Tue 29th Nov:       7pm 

Wed 30th Nov:     2pm (sold out)
Click here to book tickets for Tue 29th Nov - 7pm at The Arts Centre, Edge Hill, Ormskirk

Online sharings of recorded performance – plus live Q&A with expert guests
Thu 1st Dec:         7pm
Fri 2nd Dec:          7pm 
Click here to book tickets for online sharings.


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Click here to see the full cast and creative team for the

2022 production & tour of The Possibility of Colour.

Guest Experts

After every performance and screening of the play, there will be the option to take part in a Q&A discussion with writer, director and actor Pete Carruthers and a panel of guest experts, including internationally renowned mental health experts, award winning artists and people with lived experience of the themes explored in the play.

Below is an up to date list of the guest experts attending each event.

If you want to know more about any of the experts, click on their name and you'll be taken to their short bio on our Guest Experts page.

Salford - 17th Nov - 2pm 

James Wannerton, Ellie GordonKrissi Musiol

Salford - 17th Nov - 7pm

James Wannerton, Emma Goude & Luke Carruthers

Salford - 18th Nov - 2pm

Dr Maria Turri, Dr Anne Darcy & Juliette Gaunt

Salford - 18th Nov - 7pm

Dr Maria Turri, Dr Anne DarcyRufus May & Elisabeth Svanholmer

Preston - 23rd Nov - 7pm

Krissi Musiol

Preston - 24th Nov - 2pm

Anne Felton & James Wannerton

Preston - 24th Nov - 7pm

Anne Felton, Rufus May & Elisabeth Svanholmer

Preston - 25th Nov - 2pm

Mick McKeown & Helen Spandler

Ormskirk - 29th Nov - 7pm

Mick McKeown, Rufus May & Elisabeth Svanholmer

Ormskirk - 30th Nov - 2pm

Joachim Schnackenberg

Online - 1st Dec - 7pm

Juliette Gaunt Emma Goude & Elisabeth Svanholmer

Online - 2nd Dec - 2pm

Kaitlyn Hova & Krissi Musiol

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Audience Feedback from Northwest tour 2022:

'It’s a beautiful dystopian human story that everyone should be aware of. Reminiscent of the curious incident of the dog in the night time.'

'Still crying and laughing whilst talking about it the next day!''

'My friend who works in mental health said it’s the best piece of theatre she’s seen in the UK!'

'Incredible acting, I was really engrossed throughout, the level of acting between the three of you was incredible. Really powerful, really incredible attention to detail, really touching, I hope you enjoyed that standing ovation, it really grabbed people.'

'Oh my goodness!!! Wow wow wow! That was the best show I have ever seen! It was incredible! We were blown away. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.'

'It was absolutely phenomenal. Such a high quality play with superb acting from every member. I loved the set design, the music and projections.'

'Thought provoking, poignant, engrossing & funny!'

'I feel like a found a gem I`ll look out for the upcoming events of tree fish productions.'

Expert feedback from 2021 research & development phase:
“I thought there were a number of things about it that were superb… I found it very very moving. I don’t know whether people will really know how well you have put the language, how you’ve used it, because I heard the echoes of a thousand conversations in mental health services in the way that you’ve used language… there’s just so many clever things that you’ve got superbly well.” - Dr Jonathan Gadsby – School of Nursing and Midwifery – Birmingham City University
“I think the play is marvellous, the way it captures the complexities of the issues. Your actor training really shows through in the way you write, you’ve created conflicts and created relationships that… they’re so rich and the conflicts are so clear and so complex, it’s really really super impressive.” - Tom Scholte – Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film – University of British Columbia
“Incredibly thought provoking, really powerful… I will go away and read some more about things that I didn’t know about. I think it’s really really amazing, thank you.” - Sally Ashton-May – Lead Midwife – National Nursing & Midwifery Team – Health Education England

'The result is a play that reflects the struggles - and triumphs of the neurodiverse and accurately represents their personal perception of their immediate surroundings, including the pressure to conform. Synaesthesia is just one of a number of neurodiverse traits covered accurately and with touching sensitivity within the script and in my experience, work such as this gives the neurodiverse a much-needed platform or point of reference.' - James Wannerton - President of the UK Synaesthesia Association (UKSA) & Vice President of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists and Scientists (IASAS)

'Everyone should see this play, especially those who work with people all across the neurodiverse spectrum every day in the medical field’ - Kaitlyn Hova – Hova Labs co-founder, software engineer, design systems specialist, neuroscientist, UX designer, violinist, synesthete, composer, entrepre-nerd, TEDMED speaker & performer, Women Who Code advisor, and "superhuman"











Our main funders:

The production is being match funded by Health Education England, who are working in partnership with tree fish productions to bring at least 1200 student nurses to performances of the play during the northern tour in 2022 as part of their nurse training. Thousands more student health professionals will then attend performances as part of their training during the national tour in 2023/24.


We are also extremely grateful to the University of Central Lancashire who are fully funding the exciting PhD study that is being undertaken by Pete Carruthers alongside the production of The Possibility of Colour.

Click here to learn more about the PhD study: 'Empathy Machines: Using theatre and film in the training of compassionate and reflective health professionals.'

Aisling doctor.jpeg

Production photo from research & development phase in May 2021

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