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The Possibility of Colour e-programme

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The Possibility of Colour
2022 Production & Tour

Cast & Creatives

Pete Carruthers at GI Film Festival

Writer, Director, Producer
& Actor (playing 'Joseph)

Rachel Marwood headshot.jpg

Rachel Marwood

Actor (playing 'Aisling')

Amy Revelle headshot main.jpg

Amy Revelle

Actor (playing 'Helen')

A note from Pete Carruthers
Writer, director, producer & actor

Pete Carruthers at the GI Film Festival

Welcome to The Possibility of Colour, my 4th child (and possibly the one that's aged me the most!)

I mean it's literally aged me 14 years. I was a fresh faced 30 year old in my 2nd year at drama school (OK, I was already classed as 'mature') when the first seed of an idea for a play started  to take shape.

The question I wanted the play to ask was 'Who is normal, and who gets to decide?'

This inspiration came mainly from my then 8 year old son, Luke, and the well-meaning messages he was receiving from health professionals, teachers and many others as they tried to support him, particularly around his diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. The first sketches of the lead character 'Joseph' began to emerge.

I completed the 1st draft (or was it the 2nd... or 3rd... or 4th?) a year later and submitted what was then called 'Without God' to the 2009 Manchester 24/7 Theatre Festival. It was (with hindsight) dreadful and was rightly rejected by the festival. Of course, I was devastated and wondered if my dreams of being a writer were doomed from the very start. However, I wish I could meet every single member of the panel who rejected my play and shake them by the hand, because 13 years (and about 30 drafts and 2 new titles!) later, I'm finally confident that it's good enough to do what I want it to do.

I couldn't have done it without the support of countless wonderful people, from the brilliant actors reading development drafts and working on R&D phases, to the fascinating and generous people with lived experience of the themes explored by the play, who have helped me immeasurably to refine the script at every stage, ensuring it is accurate, sensitive and (I hope) empowering for many more people with similar experiences.

I could talk endlessly about the journey I've been on to create it, but I think it's probably best if I stop now and let the play speak for itself. I hope you all think it's been worthwhile. 

Maybe you could let me know by filling in the audience questionnaire... ;)

'For many, the Implant is an irresistible guarantee of eternal happiness; a life without suffering.
For others though, it’s a terrifying instrument of control, stripping them of what it means to be human, and increasingly forced upon a growing number of 'compulsory recipients'.
Designed by the AI-controlled 'Vigil' Corporation, The Implant is a new miracle device that
promises to cure all mental illness.
Will Joseph, his sister Aisling, or his best friend Helen, be able to decide which of them, if any,
should have the Implant?
And with the ever-looming presence of Vigil, do they even have a choice?

Who is ‘normal’?
Who gets to decide?'

About: About Us
TPOC22 Cast & Creatives
Verity Henry.jpg

Verity Henry

Actor (playing 'Vigil')

Gareth Cassidy.jpg

Gareth Cassidy

Actor (playing 'Lucas')

Chloe Proctor.jpg

Chloé Proctor

Actor (playing 'Mollie')

Orla Mullan headshot.jpg

Orla Mullan

Actor (playing 'Woman')

Ally Davies 4.jpg

Ally Davies

Creative Producer

Iz Headshot (1)_edited.jpg

Isabel Potter

Stage / Production Manager
& Co-Lighting Designer

Headshot - Patch.jpg

Patch Middleton

Composer & Sound Designer


Carly Altberg

Set & Costume Designer
& Co-Lighting Designer

Ed Grimoldby.jpg

Ed Grimoldby

Video / Projection Designer

Connor Divers - headshot_edited.jpg

Connor Divers

Tech Operator & Deputy Stage Manager

Chloe Davies - headshot.jpg

Chloe Davies

Assistant Stage Manager


James Wannerton.jpg

Synaesthesia Consultant


Synaesthesia Consultant

Jonathan Gadsby.jpg

Mental Health Philosophy & Ethics Consultant
& PhD Supervisor

Rufus May.jpg

Voice Hearing Consultant

Elisabeth Svanholmer.jpg

Voice Hearing Consultant

Mick Mckeown.jpg

Academic Partner & PhD Supervisor


Academic Partner & PhD Supervisor

Helen Spandler.JPG

Academic Partner

Thank you from me (Pete) to...

  • The entire creative team who have worked tirelessly to make this production a success: Ally, Amy, Rachel, Connor, Isabel, Patch, Ed, Carly, Chloe P, Gareth, Verity, Orla, Chloe D and Matt - I'll be forever grateful, what a team!

  • Ally, for the constant support, creativity and passion you've ploughed into the project over the past 2 years. I couldn't have done it without you.

  • Catherine and Tine at Tin Cat Entertainment. Your generous support and encouragement has been invaluable.

  • All the actors, directors, producers, designers, stage managers, technicians and countless other brilliant theatre professionals who've helped to develop the play at several stages over the last 14 years. Too many to mention!

  • The lived experience experts, including James Wannerton, Rufus May, Elisabeth Svanholmer, Kaitlyn Hova and many many more who have given their time, expertise and passion so generously every time I had 'just one more question' for them!

  • The academic partners, including Krissi Musiol, Mick McKeown, Jonathan Gadsby, Maria Turri, Helen Spandler, Anne Felton and so many more, who believed in the project and supported me tirelessly, even when my own belief was wobbling.

  • Health Education England, and particularly Ellie Gordon, who has championed the play since she first watched a rehearsed reading and has backed us with generous match funding, without which, this production would have not been possible.

  • The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), who have enrolled me onto their PhD by Portfolio programme and, like HEE, have provided essential funding for the PhD and the development of the play.

  • The University of Salford, UCLan, Edge Hill University, University of Manchester and Nottingham Trent University, all of which have supported me by hosting performances, script readings and other events throughout the development of the play.

  • New Adelphi Theatre, The Media Factory (UCLan), The Arts Centre (Edge Hill), Bolton Octagon, Harrogate Theatre, The Royal Exchange Theatre and Hope Mill Theatre, who have all hosted (or are about to host!) performances or readings of the play over the last seven years.

  • Our wonderful guest experts: James Wannerton, Rufus May, Elisabeth Svanholmer, Emma Goude, Helen Spandler, Mick McKeown, Jonathan Gadsby, Dr Maria Grazia Turri, Kaitlyn Hova, Krissi Musiol, Joachim Schnackenberg, Anne Felton, Juliette Gaunt, Luke Carruthers, Anne Darcy & Ellie Gordon.

  • Our Indiegogo backers! Thank you to Angela Woods, Kara Guy, Lucy Pollitt, Simon Metcalf, Teri Centner, Michelle Ashton, Marcus Douglas, Ian Caruthers, Lois Carruthers, Eleanor Longden, Anna Carruthers, Sharon Gowing, Eve Holt, Jeanette Dyson, Adele Owen, Nell Hardy and all the other incredibly generous contributors!

  • My family, particularly my children, Luke, Anna and Finn, who have seen very little of me this last couple of months!

  • And finally, Sally, I'd have to write several pages here to describe everything I want to thank you for. But for now I'll just say 'you're my forest'.

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