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Download useful documents by clicking the links below:

Empathy Machines - New Digital Workbook

A two-page document that introduces Pete's work and our plans to develop a new an innovative new digital workbook, using powerful theatre & film pieces to provide one full week of practice learning experience for student nurses.

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The Possibility of Colour – Supporting The Mental Health Nurse’s Handbook

This document highlights the variety of ways that the play can be used to support the training and continuing professional development of health professionals, especially mental health nurses. The document is aligned to the five main headings within the Mental Health Nurse’s Handbook, which is itself guided by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) professional standards of practice and behaviour that registered nurses must uphold. Each section explains how the play can be used to support specific areas of nurse training, as well as providing examples of audience feedback from the evaluation report that support each point.

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Evaluation Report - The Possibility of Colour - Northwest Tour 2022

This in-depth evaluation report is based on written audience feedback from the 2022 tour of our play, The Possibility of Colour. It  contains a thematic summary of answers to the audience questionnaire, with particular focus on responses from student nurses, nursing lecturers, qualified clinicians and experts by experience.

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The Possibility of Colour - Northwest Tour 2022 - Project Overview  & Evaluation Summary

This is a four-page summary of the above evaluation report.

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